History heavy on shoulders of General Election voters

Voters will have to re-write Parliamentary history reaching back nearly 140 years to change the political colour of Horsham in next month’s General Election.

Conservatives have held the seat in a true-blue grip for 137 years, since Henry Fletcher, later knighted, won it in 1880 from the Liberals.

This time around there will be some familiar names candidates for the Horsham constituency.

Nominations officially closed on Thursday of last week and several feature people who stood in 2015. They are Morwen Millson, James Smith and Jeremy Quin, Roger Arthur and Jim Duggan

Confirmed candidates in alphabetical order are Roger Arthur UKIP, Susannah Brady Labour, Jim Duggan Peace Party, Morwen Millson Liberal Democrat, Quin Jeremy Conservative , Catherine Ross Green Party, and James Smith Something New.

Mr Quin was sitting MP until Prime Minister Theresa May called the election earlier this year. He had a clear majority at the 2015 election, recording nearly 60 per cent of all votes cast. In that year UKIP came second through Roger Arthur. Some people living in the south of Horsham District will elect an MP for the Arundel and South Downs constituency, held for the Conservatives by Nick Herbert before the latest election was called. Apart from Mr Herbert the only other candidate this year who stood two years ago is Liberal Democrat Shweta Kapadia.

The Arundel and South Downs candidates, in alphabetical order, are Caroline Fife Labour, Nick Herbert Conservative, Shweta Kapadia Liberal Democrat, Jo Prior Green Party and John Wallace UKIP.

Voting takes place on June 8.

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