Drama students hope for world premier

Drama students hoping to perform a world premier got an insight into two styles of production.

Christ’s Hospital Year seven, eight and nine pupils attended Curious Theatre’s excellent production of ‘Stan v Bert’ exploring the techniques of famous theatre practitioners Constantin Stanislavski and Berthold Brecht.

Year nine pupils also benefited from a two hour workshop run by Helen Blizard after the performance of ‘Stan v Bert’ exploring the theories of Brecht in greater depth to prepare pupils for devising work at GCSE and beyond. Helen is also passionate about teaching and recently joined the school’s drama department. She has already written a play specifically for the school pupils ‘Only Human’. The pupils had a first ‘reading’ before the end of term and hope to perform what would be the premier of Helen’s play next academic year.

Helen has impressive experience as a writer for theatre in the West End and film and has been asked to develop her own high concept TV drama series by Red Planet Production Company, the makers of ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and ‘Life on Mars’.

The hour long performance of Stan v Bert presented the ideas of both approaches in a practical way, ending the performance with an audience vote, with the Christ’s Hospital audience choosing a ‘Brechtian’ approach rather than the more traditional naturalistic style of Stanislavski’s ‘system.’

The school said that actors Terry Morrison and Richard Attlee performed with energy and technical skill. They offered a question and answer session after the performance where drama pupils were able to find out more about the approaches of the performers as well as their understanding of both ‘Stan’ and ‘Bert.’

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