Create your Mediaeval Flag

Each year the Loxwood Joust invites schools, youth clubs and scouting groups to design their flag to be hung in their Field of Flags.  From the first moment you walk through the gates and see the sign – ‘You are now entering the 15th Century.  Laws of the year 1455 now apply,’   you are transported back in time and you move forward along an avenue of flags.

Every flag is designed in a mediaeval style design based on heraldry. The designs and symbols used often reflect the child’s name or environment, be that a school, group or the local area, or they have just been creative for fun!   A ‘thanks’ is then given to each school or group in the Joust’s festival programme and a sign is placed in the Field of Flags with both the children’s names along with the school’s or club’s name.

Maurice Bacon, the Joust’s organiser said “Each year the children make some amazing flags and we love seeing these pennants really setting the scene for the mediaeval fun ahead.  We know from the feedback we get that the children love making them and are so proud to see their creations flying at such a great event. ” 

The Loxwood Joust supplies the fabric material that the design is created on and also provides some suggestions and information on heraldry.  Each flag will then be hung in the Field of Flags at the entrance to the Loxwood Joust mediaeval festival at The Loxwood Meadow for the duration of the festival. The Loxwood Joust dates this year are 5th, 6th, 13th and 14th August 2017

If you would like your school or group to participate in this year’s Field of Flags, or would like some more information on the Flags, please contact Maurice Bacon on

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