Let there bee love



An engaged couple will have an unusual honour granted them to mark their love story.

Jennifer Casey called in a bee keeper after becoming concerned about a swarm of thousands of honey bees at her home in Billingshurst.

After hearing about Jennifer’s forthcoming wedding this summer to electrician Adam Spice, 28, the bee expert Daisy Day, from Slinfold, decided to name a new hive after them to add to the romance of their August wedding.

Now Jennifer and Adam plan to give guests a honey-themed treat at their reception.

And the bees, all females, have been christened the Spice Girls.

Jennifer, 28, a primary school teacher, told the Post: “It’s a great little extra to our wedding day.

We told Daisy about the wedding date and she said the bees would be making honey by then. Maybe we will do some honey-related favours for the tables or possibly have some with a Pavlova.  Because Adam’s surname, and my married name, is Spice Daisy decided to call the bees the Spice Girls. They are all girls, which apparently is unusual.

“We called Daisy up and she was down here in 20 minutes and gathered them up in a special basket. I guessed there were a couple of hundred but I think there were in fact about 4,000. Because they were so densely packed they were difficult to count.”

Jennifer’s concern was heightened by the knowledge that the bee population is struggling, and she did not want harm to come to them. She said: “They were swarming about our front garden. I wasn’t too sure what they were at first but I understand that bees are the only things that swarm. I think Adam knew what they were, because he said they were not aggressive.”

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