Big day for work colleagues

Sunday’s London Marathon will be a big day for two workers from the same firm.

Beckie Johnson and colleague Sarah Cambridge will support the NSPCC in the gruelling run.

They will be helping to support services which include the NSPCC’s Speak Out. Stay Safe Schools Service which delivers safeguarding assemblies and workshops to teach children the tools needed to keep them safe from abuse.

Both work for OSCL Project Services IT firm, which has an office at Wisborough Green. Beckie, 23, from Horsham, said: “The NSPCC is a charity that I have always known of and remember raising money for as a nine year old child via a sponsored spelling test at school. I knew that the NSPCC had a phone number for children to call and that abuse is bad, however, although I had the drive to raise money and help I did not have a deep grasp of the NSPCC’s support.

Sarah, 33, said: “The fact that so many helpless children continue to struggle day by day in the care of the people that are supposed to look after and protect them is distressing.

“I am inspired by every child to raise awareness about the NSPCC and to go some way towards trying to let them know that they are not alone, that there are people out there that do care and show how the NSPCC are trying to ensure they receive the start in life that every person deserves.”

OSCL, which has offices at Wisborough Green, Hove, London, and Cambridge, has chosen the NSPCC for its 2017 charity and aims to raise £25,000 of which anything Beckie and Sarah raise will be a contribution.

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