Students meet Checkpoint Charlie in Germany trip

Students saw Germany’s most historic places during an education trip.

The Collyer’s A-level German students saw Checkpoint Charlie, DDR and Stasi Prison museums, the Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and the Soviet Memorial during their stay in Berlin. 

Katja Welton, who teaches German at Collyer’s, who co-ordinated the trip, said: “This was a hugely valuable educational journey. Our time at the Checkpoint Charlie, DDR, and Stasi Prison museums were important, as we are studying the 2006 Academy Award Winning film, ‘The Lives of Others’, which depicts the monitoring of East Berlin by agents of the Stasi secret police. The students are also learning about ‘der Vorleser’ (The Reader) and Berlin in general.” 

At the Checkpoint Charlie museum the students were able to read about the brave and ingenious attempts to escape, which they said they found fascinating and moving. A busy schedule also included excursions to the Humbolt University, Natural History Museum and Potsdamer Platz.

Popular former Collyer’s teacher Paul Clarke thoroughly enjoyed the visit and said: “The trip to Berlin was very worthwhile and the students have definitely gained from this wonderful experience.

“The students really enjoyed the historical and cultural side of Berlin, and in addition to this, we all discovered a Ritter Sport, which is a famous German chocolate. Many of us bought a significant amount of this chocolate to bring home for friends and family!”

Katja Welton added: “Our lovely students were a credit to Collyer’s and big thanks once again to the amazing Paul Clarke for his wonderful support. On the final afternoon we went back to the café at the Berliner Dom and enjoyed a treat of waffles with cherries and cream before heading to the airport. A perfect end to a brilliant trip.”

Students are pictured at Checkpoint Charlie, Holocaust Memorial and the Reichstag.

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