Pupils hooked on fishy fundraiser


Young netted a haul for a charity with their fish-themed fund raiser.

St. John’s primary school in Horsham staged the raffle as part of the aid agency CAFOD’s them of “turning small fish into big fish”.

 Raffle tickets were sold for £1 each with the winning child’s class sponsoring a dolphin for a year and pupils across all years got involved.  The fishy fundraiser raised more than £330 and their efforts will help provide communities across the world with the means to feed their families, by helping families to receive training to set up their own small businesses, like fish farms. This will enable them to turn one fish into a whole business and provide them with an income to support their families.

 Toria Bono, the head teacher at St. John’s, said: “I am incredibly proud of the work that our children do to support those less fortunate around the world. Our mission at St. John’s is to help all our children learn to love and love to learn. 

“The children are so keen to live out their mission to show love to others and the story they heard of a Zambian woman and her fish gave them such a clear focus for their fund-raising.  They are already planning further fundraising.”

 This Lent CAFOD is working with communities in the South African country of Zambia. It is estimated that over half of Zambians live below the poverty line.

 CAFOD’s representative in Horsham, Martin Brown, said: “We would like to say a big thank you to St. John’s for joining us in transforming communities this Lent. By coming together and adding up all the small things, we can make a massive difference.

 “It is the continued support from across England and Wales that helps empower communities around the world so that they are able to feed their families and make a living, one fish at a time.”

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