Judge hears student case on sexist workplace

A judge heard students plead their case in the controversy over women being forced to wear make-up and heels at work just to please bosses.

Lord Justice Jackson had for company at the school’s Debating Society a mini-jury of former Christ’s Hospital pupils who became lawyers.

The motion was: ‘This House believes that employers have the right to make women wear make-up and heels to work’. It was reported nationally in January that a receptionist was sent home from her workplace for refusing to wear high heels. The subsequent launch and support of her petition will now be the subject of a Parliamentary debate this month.

Lord Justice Jackson, a former pupil of the school, helped the pupils develop their debating skills, and, alongside Andrew Cosedge, Tamas Lorinczy, James Dawson, Abigail Li and Palomi Kotecha, he gave sound advice on careers in the legal profession during a question and answer session.

Student Marvelous Jibogu, 15, said: “The proposition and opposition both raised some very good points and made a strong case for their beliefs. The debate was then opened to the floor, and some very interesting questions were asked by the pupils in the audience to the proposition and the opposition, who in turn used those questions to their advantage to defend their case.

“After each side’s closing statements, a vote was taken, with a result of three votes in favour of the motion, and over 30 against. The second part of the evening was a question and answers session. The questions to the panel ranged from current events in the news to career prospects and places to study law. The whole evening was extremely valuable.”

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