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By Michelle Betts of ByJove Media

I moved to Horsham over 15 years ago and one of the reasons for moving here was the sense of community felt in the town when I visited the area. Fast forward to now and I believe that sense of community remains strong.


You can see the community support from the articles in this paper. Even in this digital age you can see online too; from posts of thanks on the Horsham Facebook page to local people who have helped in difficult circumstances, to support for local events as people mark ‘interested’ on Facebook.


Looking at the hot discussions locally on social media over the last few weeks, one theme has shone through and that’s one of community support. Horsham Football Club has been waiting with baited breath to establish if it has a future or not, pending an important decision regarding the planning for it’s new ground.


The Club has 5,722 people following the @HorshamFC twitter account and many of these followers were online for the decision last week. We were on tenterhooks watching the meeting unfold on Twitter as the Club live tweeted the decision in progress – refreshing the screen to see if there was a new update!


Their hashtag #Home4HorshamFC would have been trending locally as the decision was made in favour of the Club and the celebratory and congratulatory tweets came flooding in. It was fantastic to see the online support for the Club from locals and other clubs. @HolbrookClub also received many tweets of support as the Holbrook Club plans were also approved.


I was then further delighted to see a local event pop up in my Facebook feed from @CratesLocal for the launch of a new Horsham gin from Cabin Pressure Spirits. There was a great deal of online excitement pre-launch with people tagging in friends to take to the actual launch. The launch at Crates Local in the Carfax was a great success after all this online publicity. Local support for the new gin was fantastic and @CabinPresSpirit are almost at the 100th bottle to be sold mark as Horsham drinks them dry – there will be a waiting list soon for people wanting a bottle – it’s proving that popular!


People in Horsham District love to support the town and we will see this in force over Easter weekend with Piazza Italia taking place. We are already seeing teaser videos by @slivertipfilms of what’s to come from @piazzaitalia11 and @HorshamTWS on Twitter. The excitement is starting to build online and there will plenty of photos and videos being posted by organisers and attendees over the event. If you’re joining in please use #piazzaitalia11 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
My top accounts to follow on social media this month are: @HorshamCowork, @VisitHorsham and of course, @TheDistrictPost and @ByJoveMedia!

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