The healthy way to network for business

How long do you spend sitting at your desk during the week? New research from AXA PPP healthcare has shown British workers spend nine hours a day sitting down. Taking into account commuting, desk and leisure time that’s the equivalent of a UK flight to the Caribbean each day!

There are many health risks associated with prolonged sitting including musculoskeletal problems, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This sedentary way of working is clearly not good for us so two local businesses are collaborating to combine the benefits of walking and the outdoors with networking to combat these health risks.

Pied A Terre Adventures and ByJove Media are launching Sussex Social Netwalking. Netwalking is a way to get out of the office and into the fresh air and the beautiful Sussex countryside whilst working and making new business connections. According to a 2014 Stanford University study creative output increases by an average of 60% when people are walking which must be worth taking advantage of!

Sussex Social Netwalking is launching with a free walk at 9.30am on 23 March at Buchan Country Park, near Crawley. If you’d like to try out this new way of networking, you need to register on

All you will need is your business cards, walking boots/sturdy shoes and a bottle of water or hot flask. They will provide the route and a snack and will local experts in their field joining them on walks so you can learn and walk too.

After the launch on 23 March the walks will be twice monthly on different days of the week to give maximum flexibility to attend. Costs will be £10 per walk with a small membership for the year. These Netwalking events will give real health and work benefits to business owners in Sussex and the surrounding areas.

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