Apprentice makes mark as own boss

A 20-year-old who chose an apprenticeship instead of further education is now running his own successful business.

With degree holders often finding it hard to find jobs or having to take jobs that do not merit their qualifications there has been an accent in recent years on school leavers considering apprenticeships as an alternative.

Mark Slade, a former Central Sussex College student from Wisborough Green, chose an apprenticeship and it led to him setting up his own successful electrical installation business.

With encouragement from his family, he was able to start studying an Electrical Installation apprenticeship at Central Sussex College straight out of school.

Over the course of four years, Mark studied for a national recognised qualification in Electrical Installation as well as gaining a substantial amount of on-site experience through his apprenticeship. After years of hard work, Mark finally had the opportunity to achieve his goal of setting up his own business and being self-employed within just a month of finishing his apprenticeship.

He said:  I knew that I was going to do an apprenticeship because I felt that it came part and parcel with my chosen trade. I was never strong academically in school, so the idea of working on-site whilst earning a wage was very appealing to me.

As ‘Slade’s Electricals’ Mark has been working as a self-employed electrician all over London and surrounding areas. 

He said: “For anyone who is interested in a trade career, especially as an electrician, I would say doing an apprenticeship is almost essential. There’s something about the combination of practical skill, theoretical knowledge and site experience that gives you a certain edge which sets you apart from the rest.”

Central Sussex College highlighted Mark’s story as part of the 10th Anniversary of National Apprenticeship Week.

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