School patrol body cameras deemed success

The use of body cameras to capture dangerous driving against school crossing patrol staff is being extended.

West Sussex County Council ran a pilot scheme last year outside Camelsdale Primary School, north of Horsham, with one of its School Crossing Patrol officers, Len Howard, who had complained of verbal abuse.

The trial proved so successful that the school will continue to use the camera from now on. 

Schools have to raise about £200 for the camera, but the county council helps with other arrangements such as training.

West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, Bob Lanzer, said: “Children and parents feel much safer. 

“It has slowed the traffic.

“It has made it far safer for the area around the school and the abuse towards the School Crossing Patrol has reduced.” 

The  county’s second body camera, at Harlands Primary School in Haywards Heath, was unveiled last week.

The cameras help stop ‘drive throughs’ by impatient or inattentive drivers who ignore patrol staff and sometime resort to abusive behaviour outside the school gates.

The cameras are worn across the chest to capture audio and video footage of motorists driving dangerously, or being abusive towards school crossing patrols, as they help children and parents across the road. 

Mr Lanzer added the county council was now keen for other schools affected by these issues to get in touch. He said: “For the cost of about £200, schools can purchase the camera and the county council can arrange for everything else associated , such as training and signage, to be sorted out.”

The camera records every shift a school crossing patrol works. If footage is captured of an offence, it is passed onto Sussex Police to consider as evidence for prosecution. If nothing of note happens, the memory card is wiped.

Anyone interested in arranging a camera for a school crossing patrol outside their school can contact Louise Bishop on 033022 26744 or email

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