Tricky access ruling by councillors

Residents with tricky access for refuse collectors will have to find an alternative site for bins.

They are being told that they can either use a new kerbside location or improve the access.

Horsham District Council says it is taking the measure for a number reasons including safety.

The council’s cabinet has approved a proposal to revise waste and recycling collection points from the district’s properties which are accessed by poorly maintained driveways, unmade tracks or have secure property entrance systems.

The council says that across Horsham district there are 127 properties with restricted access. It says council collection vehicles sustain significant damage when accessing these properties resulting in substantial costs, and points out that accessing these properties is also more time consuming which reduces productivity as collection crews have to wait for responses to open security gates.

In order to reduce damage to waste and recycling collection vehicles, improve crew safety, eliminate damage to third party property and improve overall efficiency, the council proposes to write to owners of the affected properties and either inform them of new collection points adjacent to the highway or give them notice to undertake driveway and access improvements.

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