Super student Elaine remembers where it all started

A  “super-student” of social work has put her prize to good use.

Elaine Hall of Horsham won an award for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ on her BA Social Work

degree course at the University of Sussex.

Instead of treating herself she has given the £100 award money she received to charity Home-Start CHAMS, where her journey to becoming a social worker began.

Home-Start CHAMS is a local family support charity that helps hundreds of vulnerable

children each year. They work throughout Horsham, Crawley and Mid-Sussex, supporting

families that are facing issues such as issues such as isolation, financial hardship, illness, or

multiple births from the Crawley centre.

Elaine said her experience working for the charity helped her pursue a long held

ambition. She said: “My time at Home-Start really was a launch-pad for me. I had worked with children and families for several years in a voluntary capacity before, but it was working as a Home-

Start Co-ordinator that allowed me to build up my professional and personal knowledge of

working with young families. That gave me the confidence to follow my dream of becoming a

social worker.”

Specialising in working with children and families within her studies allowed Elaine to make

the most of her Home-Start experience. “Some of the families I’d worked with at the charity

were very vulnerable, some just needed an advocate and friend”, Elaine continued. “The

range of issues I’d dealt with at Home-Start gave me an understanding of family dynamics

and how circumstances can change so quickly. I’m sure that made a huge difference to how

things went for me on the course.”

The charity says it was delighted to be presented with the cheque when Elaine recently visited their

offices. Elaine said: “Three years down the line, I am a qualified social worker and about to start work.

“I will always be grateful to all the families I worked with through Home-Start, who taught me so much.”

To find out more about Home-Start CHAMS and the work they do supporting local families


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