More than a grain of inspiration

The beauty of woodworking is highlighted in a display at Horsham Museum until September 9.

For more than 4,000 years the people of Britain have used wood to create a vast range of everyday objects ranging in scale, from houses to toothpicks. The ability of wood to be mastered by craftsmen into such beautiful objects shows how amazing both the wood and the craftsmen are,  yet they are often taken for granted. 

At the museum’s current new exhibition Going with the Grain visitors can appreciate some stunning pieces in wood.  Through the skills of these three craftsmen, the grainy contrasting patterns usually hidden by the tree are exposed in all their magnificence.  Living material is transformed into sensual, exotic bowls, multi-layered strata like layers morph into curvaceous organic formed wall hangings, and furniture celebrates rather than hides the fascinating grain.

On show are the complex and intricate patterns of the bowls or sculptural designs by John Plater, who uses so-called defects such as burrs, whorls and staining to great effect. Paul Baden creates wooden lattice structures or figurines, by expertly layering different woods to create patterns like contours on a map.  Colin Norgate’s furniture and household pieces, as decorative as they are functional, are individually crafted to perfection using traditional methods.

Horsham Museum & Art Gallery is open Monday-Saturday 10am – 5pm. Free Admission. For more information:

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