Make The Most Of Life With Platinum Surfers

Andrew and Ryan Vermaak are delighted to have set up their uniquely helpful business in Horsham. Andrew – Ryan’s uncle – tells the District Post: “Technology is developing so rapidly now and it can all be rather bewildering. Fortunately Ryan and I have grown up with it so we’re in a good position to help those needing assistance to set up their mobile phone, tablet, computer or smart TV. Its really amazing what these things can do now and we get pleasure from making sure that customers get full use of everything that the devices can provide.” Ryan adds: “It can be difficult to keep up with all of the new enhancements but it is not necessary for anybody to feel too embarrassed to ask for help.  We are happy to advise on product purchase, making recommendations to ensure that customers obtain what they really need and not just what they’re pressured to buy – we specialise in giving people the necessary information in an easy to understand way.” Andrew has a long established background in computers and Ryan has considerable commercial experience, including provision of training.

Computer experts are not always the best people to give advice and assistance because to them technology is quick, straight forward and obvious, leaving those less familiar with it feeling rather inadequate, but Ryan says: “We work in a non intimidating way and are happy to provide informal one to one tutorials, explaining the scope of functions and showing how to get the best out of today’s devices, including the incredible range of options available with smart TVs. We can assist with computer and phone security issues and clean up your devices, freeing up space to make them work more quickly and efficiently, the aim being to put you in control, getting the technology working for you, giving you what you want and the confidence to embrace and enjoy it.” Andrew wears an Apple watch linked to his phone, keeping him up to date with a variety of functions. He uses his phone as a direction finding sat nav, a TV remote control and for home automation, including the activation of security, lighting and heating and explained that it can be employed for tracking, perhaps handy for use with an elderly relative.

Horsham based Andrew and Ryan are fully up-to date with the fast changing world of mobile phone applications (apps) enabling them to install links for customers relating to customers’ interests and requirements. Platinum Surfers charge affordable prices, covering West Sussex with home visits and can even take over devices to solve problems remotely, having done so for customers located abroad. Ryan sums up saying; “We want to provide good, sustainable support, so we don’t just come and sort something out and then disappear leaving customers to get on with it as best they can – we prefer to maintain contact as long as is required, ensuring that customers are completely comfortable with their ability to use their devices and if further help is wanted then we’re just a phone call away.” Platinum Surfers delivers a unique, friendly service, gently introducing  customers to an exciting new world –  making a real difference with as much or as little help as is needed to make life easier, much more informative – and far more enjoyable! Platinum Surfers can be contacted on 07449 120334 – – and 07477

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