Firm wants to build 3,000 homes near Horsham

Home hunters could have nearly 3,000 new properties on the market near Horsham under a scheme going before councillors.

And about 900 of the houses are expected to lower-priced homes, known in planning circles as “affordable”.

Liberty Property Trust is asking for approval  for 2, 750 homes, a third of which will be offered as “affordable” houses.

The firm’s planning application is not expected to go before councillors on Horsham District Council for consideration before early next year, because of size.

Liberty is also asking in the same plan for a business park under what is known as “mixed use development.”

It would appear to have a good chance of success in planning policy terms, because the site is one allocated in the council’s local plan, Horsham District Planning Framework, to help achieve the target set by the Government for the district of building 800 homes per year over a twenty year period, along with a requirement for more economic development.

The Local Plan was approved by a government inspector in September 2015. It was then adopted by Horsham District Council in November 2015.  This week the shortage of homes and the struggle of young people to afford them was highlighted nationally.

Liberty plans a new business park of 46,000 square metres to boost economic development by bringing in new companies and jobs, two primary schools, land and financial contributions towards a new secondary school, a multi-use community centre, health facilities, shops, allotments, provision of public open space for informal relaxation and play, provision of formal sports and recreational facilities across all age groups, landscaping and related services.

Liberty’s scheme is said to meet housing needs for people looking to rent or buy. The homes would include a broad mix of housing types and range from one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom houses.

Liberty hopes the scheme will bring about 4,000 jobs. The firm will pay towards the new secondary school.

The application includes provision for landscape and ecological enhancements as well as new roads and transport facilities along with details of how the site will be accessed.

The district council said:  “Over the coming months the council’s planning officers will carefully consider the content of the application to ensure the proposals accord with the policies and aims of the Horsham District Planning Framework. It will then be brought before the council’s planning committee for the area – most likely in early 2017.”

Full details of the application (reference number DC/16/1677) can be viewed on the council’s website via the Public Access system: access.

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