Capitol Summer School pulls off polished performance in little over a week

I’m certain that most of us will have seen, or at least heard of, the phenomenal musical ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’. Based on the story of Joseph, in the Book of Genesis, the tale is one of favouritism, jealousy, deceit, regret and forgiveness. Though a gripping tale in itself, the magic ingredient, that made this particular Bible story so popular, was the teaming of lyricist Tim Rice (who recently gave a speech, at Christ’s Hospital School, on ‘The importance of failure’) and musician Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Last week, The Capitol Summer School performed Joseph, much to the delight of audiences, and my husband and I were lucky enough to have caught it.

Sets, lighting, music and high calibre acting, resulted in a sizzling performance that all involved should be proud of. A very convincing Joseph, successfully carried the audience through the highs and lows of the young man’s life; the immensely entertaining pharoah (who arrived in style, on a souped up mobility scooter – turned Roman charriot!) provided laughs galore; the hugely talented narrators sang us from one scene to the next, Jacob and the rest of his sons, taught us a lesson on the dangers of child favouritism and sibling rivalry, while all other cast members did a brilliant job… the cute factor came from the youngest members, who donned the sweetest animal costumes – my favourite of the lot were the camels, whose legs were the performers’, while tiny fake legs replaced those of the riders!

It was difficult to believe that these youngsters had just 9 days to learn lines, dance moves and directions. Bravo, Capitol Summer School, for graduating in style!

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