Youngsters perform with passion

Passion took centre stage as youngsters put their heart and soul into a touching musical about an orphan girl.

Key Stage 3 pupils at the Towers Convent School, Upper Beeding, started in 1903, delivered what the head teacher described as a truly memorable production of the big stage and film hit Annie which was always gripping, at times moving, frequently funny and certainly entertaining throughout.

The emotional story tells how the life of an orphan girl is transformed.

School Headmistress Clare Trelfa said: “All pupils worked together with focus and commitment, telling the story together in such a supportive way that the audience was enthralled.  The passionate exuberance of the large ensemble , which included every single pupil in Key Stage 3, was breath-taking and their love of the show was infectious. We are indebted to all those Year 10 pupils who were such a support backstage as well as for their fabulous choreography.”

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