Public response in Horsham amazing

Organisers of the “donation station” in Horsham described the response of the public as amazing.

Residents gave goods worth more than £21,000 to the scheme for Cancer Research UK.

They handed over 850 bags of good quality clothes, homewares, books, DVD’s and CD’s at  Swan Walk Shopping Centre during the 2016 Cancer Research UK Donation Station held in the centre earlier this year. The value of these donations to Cancer Research UK is now said to be £21,250.

Customers were invited to collect a bag from the centre, fill it at home and return it when they were next shopping in the town. Gill Buchanan, Swan Walk Centre manager, said the response was amazing and added:  “The Donation Station continues to be an important part of our community engagement activities as well as being the ultimate way to recycle.

“This year’s result is another great success and over the years we have now raised well in excess of £140,000 for Cancer Research UK. 

“I cannot thank our customers enough as without their loyal support over the years none of this would have been possible. I am also, as ever, very grateful to the East Street Cancer Research UK team who do all the hard work collecting and sorting through all the bags.“ 

 “We continue to work closely with Community Award winner Victoria Godfrey and her team and all the donations are used to stock the Horsham Cancer Research UK stores in the first instance. I know that this really local link has resulted in the growing support for what had become an annual event for the whole town”. 

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