A HAODS Mid Summer Night’s Dream

Horsham audiences got a preview of HAODS’ summer production, William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, last Saturday, at the Horsham Festival in the Human Nature Garden. The audience was allowed a glimpse of the amazing costumes and makeup, plus a segment of the originally composed music and a selection of scenes, which gave members a flavour of what to expect if they purchased a tickets to the main show.

Shakespeare’s best loved comedy tells the story of four runaway lovers, who find themselves right in the middle of an argument between the King and Queen of the fairies! At the same time, a troupe of not so professional actors are trying to rehearse a play to honour King Theseus’ Wedding…and between the groups struts a mischievous fairy henchman, carrying a love potion capable of making anyone fall in love with the first person they see. What could possibly go wrong??  To find out, join them in the woods, from August 10 – 13. To book, call The Capitol Box Office: 01403 750220 or visit

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