Students say Britain should stay

College students voted overwhelming for Britain to stay in the European Union.

Hundreds of Collyer’s students at Horsham went to the polls in a mock referendum on the question of whether Britain should remain in the European Union or not.

The result, after a hard fought campaign, saw 79.1% of students voting to remain.

Two debates were held, one focusing on the economic impact of “Brexit” and the other on the

social and security impact. 

‘Remain’ team co-leader Caitlin Corley said: “I am very pleased with the outcome of the hard

fought referendum and my team of volunteers did me proud”.

Daniel Crouch, one of the key figures on the ‘Leave’ side, said: “I’m delighted with the

packed turnout at the debates and was proud to put forward ideas about British


One of the key aims of the referendum was to educate students, many of whom will be

eligible to vote on June 23, on both sets of arguments.

Omer Selcuk, of the ‘Leave’ campaign dramatically intervened on the last day speaking on a

soapbox in the canteen to try and persuade students, to ‘vote leave’. He said: “Despite many

hardships and struggles, we stood strong and put forward an argument for a truly free


Student Scarlett Eddie, of the ‘Remain’ campaign said: “Everyone has worked so hard on

this campaign and it’s been such an enjoyable and memorable experience. I’m thrilled by the

result and the turnout, and I hope this gives out a strong message that young people are very much invested in politics and their futures.”

Scenes from the vote are pictured.

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