Chris’s Chelsea cube set for Big Apple

New York could be the destination for a Horsham landscaper’s gold -winning cube creation.

The 15-tonne granite piece was the centre piece of the work of talented Chris Holland, 45, and had crowds waiting for up an hour to see it at the Chelsea Flower show.

Top gardening presenter Monty Don said of the teasingly –named Antithesis of Sarcophagi: “It is the most uplifting and inspiring thing I have ever seen at Chelsea” .

Now there is a good chance the stunning exhibit will find its way across the Atlantic, having started life as a 44-ton bare piece imported from Portugal.

Chris, married with three children, told the Post: “There is talk of it going to New York. There are various options, but they all seem to be abroad. We would love the cube to have a life after the show so that people can enjoy it. “

At Chelsea the crowds lapped up the element of surprise when they peeped through fissures to see not a dead and empty cube but living woodland in the 2.6 metre wide cube, expressing the literal title translation “opposite of stone coffins”.

Chris, who runs Chris Holland Landscapes, said: “Once Monty Don commented on it on television that set the ball rolling for us. By the Friday of the show people were waiting for an hour to see it. “

This is his second gold in three years, having achieved the top award with the Mindfulness Garden when he last entered in 2013, and he has previously won five silver gilts. His latest creation was in collaboration with highly renowned letter carvers Martin Cook and Gary Breeze.

Meanwhile, as the cube awaits its next destination, Chris is turning to the possibility of hiring more help for his business. He said: “One of the things I’d like to get out of this success is that I am hoping to expand, to find someone to work with me. I have got a lot of work. But I would like to bring in some like-minded and creative who are hard-working and meticulous.”  Anyone interested in working with Chris can contact him on 01403 241201.

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