Oldest Surviving Member of Dads Army TV Series and Recent Coming to The Capitol

The oldest surviving member of the classic series, Dad’s Army, recently trod London’s red carpet at the premiere of the recent feature film, in which he reprises his original role of the vicar.

The originators of the series, David Croft and Jimmy Perry, chose Frank Williams to create the role of the wonderfully eccentric vicar who was always slightly tetchy, as he tried to come to terms with the elderly platoon’s invasion of his beloved church hall.

“It’s been simply wonderful to be part of something so special,” said Frank, “Although I have spent many years in various film and television roles, being part of Dads Army is hard to beat.”

Now, Frank is to reveal some of the secrets behind one of the most popular TV & Film successes of all time, in his latest stage presentation, More Tea Vicar? Presented by author and entertainer, Chris Gidney, who has spent 30 years in the entertainment profession and written 28 showbiz biographies (including Frank’s), the show is coming to The Capitol Horsham on May 15 at 2.30pm.

Chris commented: “Everybody loves Dad’s Army. Even after forty years, the series continues to pull huge viewing figures, becoming one of the all-time classic ‘greats’.

“It also bridges the age gap like no other. People of all ages love the live show, because it’s very interactive. We often have young children in the audience who are bigger fans than their parents. We invite the audience to be part of it and they can ask questions. Frank is a master at describing the most hilarious off-screen stories about the TV series and films.”

Though a huge success, Dads Army is only a small part of Frank’s career. As he embarks on an entertaining journey down memory lane, he re-lives some of the fascinating and comical highlights of a film, stage and television career, spanning over 50 years: “I’m looking forward to talking about the strange and remarkable things that the audience never see, like the time we were filming an episode of Dad’s Army and nearly got flattened by a runaway steam train, or when I watched myself on live TV being operated on, in Emergency Ward 10, in the comfort of my own home.”

Whilst still best known as the vicar from Dad’s Army, Frank has worked with many of the ‘greats’, including Tommy Cooper, Harry Worth, Dick Emery and Morecambe & Wise, and has appeared in over 30 feature films, including 3 with Norman Wisdom. His numerous other television series credits count some of the early days of TV, including The Army Game, All Gas & Gaiters, Monty Python’s Flying Circus and You Rang M`Lord?

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