Why Local Businesses Should Invest in Sign Promotion

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With summer just around the corner, now is the right time for local business owners to consider their branding and advertising for the anticipation of  more people heading to the high street thanks to the warmer weather.

In Horsham we are incredibly lucky to have many thriving local businesses; with Carmella’s and Crates to name a few. Any new businesses, or those looking to update, should consider their current visual displays or look to install window graphics for a bit of a refresh. For local examples, click here. These could highlight any summer sales or promotions and work towards wider revenue targets.

Building a local brand

During the warmer months, many Sussex retailers will see an increase in foot traffic as the good weather draws out the crowds, including families and students. Their shopping budget can provide a boost to the local economy and help independent companies thrive.

Businesses should therefore consider investing in sign promotion that shapes their whole business. Local sign and graphic manufacturer Stuart Powell from SL2 Signs states: “Signs such as a-boards and pavement signs and graphics such as those on windows and vehicles can quickly highlight a business’s key services in a way that suits their overall look.

It especially helps with creating a recognisable and friendly brand which in turn builds on reputation and brand loyalty. If a business owner has a clear idea of the message they want to convey, it could be a good option for them to explore”.

Drawing in business

One of the main ways to increase foot traffic is with a-boards or pavement signs. Along East Street many retailers and restaurants use swing signs and wedges to showcase promotions and capture the imagination of potential customers.

If you have a wider area in mind to increase business then vehicle graphics offer great value. The advertising reaches many more people and with a good tagline or the inclusion of a phone number, you can draw in new customers.

Window graphics, or glass manifestation, for the front of house is also an enticing way to catch people’s imagination and attention from the offset. Stuart from SL2 signs has recently worked with The Barns Green Village Store to update their branding for a modern audience and a refreshing look.

Business owners or marketing staff should be involved in any graphics process, no matter the time of the year. SL2 Signs is a professional sign and graphic maker and makes bespoke signs for both indoor and outdoor use. Stuart can offer full sign services for a company to increase a brand’s impact.

If you’re a business looking to invest in signs, including a-boards and vehicle graphics. you can call Stuart on 01403 272544 for more information.

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