Giant wheel and theme park coming to Horsham

Jo Kerr – Entertainment Correspondent


A giant permanently-fixed Ferris wheel is planned for Horsham’s Carfax – as revealed by hitherto secret documents seen exclusively by the District Post. John Rimmer, spokesman for the wheel project says: “This fabulously exciting initiative is designed to really put Horsham on the global leisure map and is the central part of the town’s SEP (Strategic Entertainment Plan). When the major North Horsham development is completed there will be many more residents and we need to ensure that enhanced amusement infrastructure is ready for the enjoyment of the new arrivals. Under the dynamic SEP the Horsham Wheel, with its giant swinging gondolas and other inspiring innovations will enable Horsham to lead the British entertainment industry towards the middle of the 21st century. The 200 metre height of the wheel will dwarf most similar attractions around the world and give customers an unrivalled and uninterrupted view across both the stunning new housing schemes surrounding the town and our beautiful countryside.”

However, the District Post understands that while the zip wire project providing an exhilarating ride from the mast above the Horsham Wheel to the top of the spire of the former St Marks church will go ahead, the proposed roller skating alley down the middle of the Causeway has been shelved. Controversially, though, the major entertainment development will proceed in Horsham Park – featuring the Death Dive, Tsunami Surge and Flying Fury. But, the impact will be mitigated by creating the necessary 2000 car park spaces beneath the Park. Planning Officer April Prime was unavailable for comment when we went to press.

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