Worthington Hearing is dedicated to providing customer focussed care

Mr Worthington is a Hearing Aid Audiologist who has 20 years’ experience in assisting patients with all their hearing care needs as well as managing and training hearing aid audiologists to Mr Worthington’s high standards.


“After many years of being employed as the Hearing Director within a National Optical and Hearing Company I decided to start a Hearing Company of my own so that I could offer my own personal and professional hearing services to independent local Opticians and Medical Centres. I wanted my customers to have the opportunity to be able to attend a local practice and receive a great customer focussed service – whether this is for the supply of digital and programmable hearing aids (my prices commence at £795 per pair of digital/programmable hearing aids), the removal of wax via micro-suction, the supply of hearing/ear protection products or if you attend a consultation to receive advice and support from me re Tinnitus (as a registered professional with the British Tinnitus Association) – you can always be sure of a clear and understandable explanation of my findings with regards the assistance/support I can offer you.  It will then be up to you to decide the way forward without any obligation” Peter Worthington – Worthington Hearing


Mr Worthington places customer satisfaction at the top of his priorities and he welcomes and encourages customer feedback so he can continually monitor and maintain his high standards. You can book an appointment to see Mr Worthington at any of his Hearing clinics (four of which are shown on the advert on this page) for all your hearing care needs or if necessary arrangements can be made for a home visit.


Go Independent – Go Local

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