Local artist Jeremy Bridle’s current exhibition at Horsham’s Capitol is not to be missed. Although Jeremy has done seascapes he specialises in portraits and his larger than life depiction of David Bowie is a particularly striking and colourful example of the power of his work. Jeremy says: “The most satisfying thing in the world is to create something – doing that gives me a great sense of achievement. There is nothing more interesting than the human form and that’s why I’m always drawn back to paint it.”

Born, raised and educated in Horsham, Jeremy works on his portraits in his Warnham studio using brushes and scrapers to apply the oil paints on to canvases that he constructs himself. The Bowie portrait took around twenty hours of work to complete, not including drying time between applications. Jeremy continues: “At Tanbridge School art and sport were my best subjects and I had a long standing wish to take up painting in a serious way, but with a young family time was at a premium until around five years ago when I did an A level art course at Collyers. I then joined the evening class at Farlington school run by Rosalyn Sprey where under her guidance and encouragement my portraiture really took off with my kids, friends and stock photos being my early subjects and, more recently, influential figures from the music world.”

While the paintings fund themselves, Jeremy runs his own decorating business – Paragon – but hopes to develop his artwork to the point where he can concentrate solely on producing paintings. He has been shortlisted for the National Open Art Awards and participated in exhibitions with other students, but the Capitol showing is his first solo event. Jeremy sums up saying: “I aim to create engaging paintings through the bold use of texture and layers of colour!”

Those lucky enough to see Jeremy Bridle’s work at the Capitol, where his exhibition continues until April 24, will immediately confirm that he is definitely fulfilling his goal. 07899 981493

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