Imagine Horsham in 2030

What do you think Horsham should be like in 2030? For some while we have been asking everyone what they value about Horsham and what they wish for the future. We have received many comments from everyone who lives or works in Horsham, as well as from visitors. We have comments about what you like, what you hate and what could be better! They make fascinating reading and give a real sense of what makes Horsham such a great place to live.

One of the main themes to emerge is that Horsham is valued as a friendly market town. As we look ahead to 2030, it is important that we preserve and maintain this, whilst helping the town to develop and meet the challenges of the 21st Century. We also need to recognise that although many people in our town are older, the new housing developments mean that the balance is changing as more young families move in to the town and neighbouring villages. It is important that we hear and recognise their views as well as of those of you who have lived here for many, many years.

In April, we will be bringing the results back to you at Imagine Horsham in Swan Walk. Over three days, we would like you to call in to see us, to see what everyone has said and let us know if you agree with them. You can vote for the ideas you like via our phone voting system. More coffee shops or less? Traffic free zones around schools – yes or no?

We are also looking for something more from you. We need to know what should go where. Where could we build homes and what should they look like? Where could we put a music venue, a church, a maker space or a homeless shelter? Which community buildings need saving? Which green spaces need protecting? How do we travel around the town? How do we keep active and where do we meet our friends?

This event is about you taking part and having your say. Design your road or a part of the town as you think it should be, and send it to us so everyone can choose which ideas they like best. We will have all the entries up on the walls and if you have used Minecraft we aim to put it on a screen so everyone can see it. The competition is open to all ages.

Maybe you want to have a rant – there will be a blackboard for that! Be filmed talking about what you would do to make Horsham more accessible, more age-friendly or more green!

And finally, pick up a survey to fill in, or take part in one on-line. We’ll be posting them up on our website and on social media. Our Town. Our Vision. Our Plan.

Frances Haigh

Horsham Blueprint

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