Local students debate EU

Students were on both sides of the debate when a key supporter of Britain staying in Europe visited them.

Roland Rudd, the treasurer of the ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign told senior students at Christ’s Hospital school at Horsham about the benefits of our European Union membership. His speech came soon after the Prime Minister released the draft deal of his renegotiation of Britain’s European Union membership.

The focus of Mr Rudd’s speech was much more on the factual elements of our European Union membership, but he also spoke about many of the advantages of membership.

In a raised hand count there was a majority of students present for remaining in the European Union.

But afterwards it was clear not everyone agreed with Mr Rudd.

They included Roberto Salvia, who wishes Britain to leave the European Union. He said: “Although Mr Rudd did bring to light the few advantages of Britain remaining in the EU, and did so rather well, I might add, no part of me could ever support our country giving up control over its laws to undemocratic bureaucrats who have no respect for the will and hopes of the people that they claim to represent.”

On the other side “stay in” supporter Will Goddard said: “Mr Rudd expressed the case for remaining in the European Union incredibly well for the most part. Only through engaging voters and informing them of the issues at stake in this upcoming referendum will we be able to win and ensure Britain can remain secure at the heart of European and world affairs for the future.”

The school said that overall the talk highlighted an incredibly important issue for Britain and succeeded in engaging the pupils.

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