Confiscated cash used to help out life savers

Criminals are inadvertently giving life savers a helping hand.

Money from property confiscated from thieves by courts and then sold is put into what is known as the Police Property Act Fund for community use.

The Storrington Area Response Team is the latest to benefit from a donation by Sussex Police from the fund.

It will be used to help the volunteer group buy new equipment.

Police Community Support Officer Carol Boniface presented a cheque from the fund for £500.

The response team is a group of volunteers who are trained to deliver life saving treatment and can be alerted to go to the scene when a 999 call is received by the ambulance service, along with an ambulance crew.

The team’s leader Nikki Turner said: “I’d like to thank Sussex Police for their contribution. We hope to put the money towards buying a new defibrillator.”

Police Community Support Officer Boniface said: “The work of the Storrington responders is so valuable to the community of Storrington and Sullington. I am delighted that we have been able to support them to continue saving lives.”

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