Students’ art cheers patients

Hospital patients have their ward brightened up by the work of talented youngsters.

Collyer’s students visited Horsham Hospital to display and install their artwork at the Horizon Unit, the intermediate care ward. The colourful work comprised pieces created by second year BTEC Art and Design students.

Dawn Fincham, ward manager of the unit, said: “Massive thanks to Sharon Rolfe and these lovely students. The art really cheers up the ward. I first met up with the students during the Easter term and following this, they visited the hospital to get a feel for the spaces that would house their art. We are so grateful that these creative young student artists care so much about our patients and the important work we do here.”

The unit offers intermediate care and rehabilitation, especially for elderly patients recuperating after serious illness or surgery.

Dawn said: “Not many people know this, but half of our volunteers are from Collyer’s alone. It is great to have youngsters mixing with our older patients on the ward. Young people can often get a bad press, but our experience, including projects like this, is entirely positive.”

The artwork work will remain on display until the end of this year.

Sharon Rolfe, subject leader for BTEC Art at Collyer’s, said: “I am so proud of our second year National Diploma students as they have produced some stunning work for patients, staff and visitors to enjoy. It has been wonderful to collaborate with Dawn and this great hospital on the project.”

It is a fantastically positive use of art and our students’ incredible talents and I’m confident that the work will be appreciated.”

Pictured is the group displaying their work and Collyer’s student Mollie Louise Spikesman-Powell.

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