Andrew has pressing engagement to help out sick children

Charity supporter Andrew Finnegan is doing press-ups for a year to help a hospital treating sick children.

Andrew, 46, from Faygate, near Horsham, will do 47,000 at an average of 128 a day.

He set a target of his next birthday in October and is more than 9,000 into his challenge for the Rockinghorse charity.

A keen supporter of Rockinghorse, Andrew has previously taken part in a number of challenges to support the charity over the past three years, including the Thames Path Valley Challenge and a coastal trek.

Andrew said: “It was on my 46th birthday in October that I had a dig at my boy for not doing press-ups properly and he challenged me to do better.  After a bit of negotiation mixed with bravado and middle-aged panic, we settled on 47,000 press-ups in the year to my 47th birthday, aiming to raise £470.

“I’m currently 9,000 down, 38,000 to go and have transformed from a bald, middle-aged, overweight man into a bald, middle-aged, overweight man with sore shoulders.”

Rockinghorse is the official fundraising arm of the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital and a vital support of the Trevor Mann Baby Unit in Brighton.

They raise money for life-saving and cutting-edge medical equipment, whilst also ensuring that children are treated in an environment better suited to their needs. The charity is nearly 50 years old and it’s thanks to the support of the local community that the charity is able to support sick children and their families across Sussex.

To make a donation to Andrew’s Just Giving page, please visit

Andrew is pictured in action.

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