Protect your digital legacy with The Soldier’s Box

Three British technology entrepreneurs launch the solution to a problem that now affects us all.

What happens to our digital world when we die? The answer lies over a hundred years ago in the trenches of WWI.

Soldiers on the frontline kept their most treasured possessions; personal photos, private letters and important documents in one small box or the tin, given as a Christmas gift by Princess Mary. In the event the soldier lost his life, this box would be passed to his loved ones. His family would receive the items within, just as he would have wanted them to be seen. This box was nick named ‘The Soldier’s Box’.

Founder, Darren Richmond, an IT professional from Horsham, West Sussex, heard this story on the radio and decided to bring the concept of The Soldier’s Box into the 21st century. The idea is simple: Organise and store most treasured digital possessions; photos, videos, documents, contracts and messages, in one secure, convenient online place. In the event of one’s death, loved ones will have easy access to everything he or she wishes them to keep. In essence, a virtual WWI Soldier’s Box.

Darren shared the idea with two life long friends, both with years of experience in the technology industry, Lee Rendell and Greg Roffe. Together they designed and developed the new digital version of The Soldier’s Box.

“In the last few years, we have radically changed the way we record memories and manage our lives.” said Darren, “The Soldier’s Box provides an easy way to ensure our digital legacy lives on and our memories are not lost.”

The Soldier’s Box was created by the team with the desire to bring comfort to bereaved families and support with the practicalities of losing a loved one. Anything can be stored in The Soldier’s box: Personal items, including a list of personal messages, video clips or treasured photographs with special friends; Practical necessities, including personal finances, household instructions or birthday lists to help those left behind with everyday tasks.

The box is not intended as a replacement for an online back-up provider. It is designed as a tool to securely organise everything in someone’s life that is important. It is completely protected by using exactly the same security methods deployed by the worlds leading financial institutions. The team describe it as an online safe with the added benefit of having a unique secure mechanism to easily be passed on to loved ones.

The Soldiers’ Box can be added to a Will, but does not replace one. An assigned trustee receives a unique initiation code, to start the data inheritance process of the box. It is recommended that everyone has a will to legally record their final wishes. Lee Rendell comments: “Most of us add to our store of digital files on a daily basis and it’s just not practical to update a Will that often. You can add files to your Soldier’s Box as often as you like and simply record a single personal Soldier’s Box code in your Will. With our beneficiary process, you don’t even need a Will to use The Soldier’s Box – although we’d recommend that everyone has one.”

The Soldier’s Box is available now. You can register for a free 14 day trial. Thereafter, plans start from as little as £36 per year.

For more information or to sign up visit and follow the link for a look at The Soldier’s Box video:

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