Pearls, diamonds and more at Sakakini Jewellers

There was a definite shimmer and a sparkle in the Horsham Carfax, last Thursday evening, as award winning Sakakini Jewellers hosted their diamonds and pearls event.

The guests enjoyed a unique preview of their Christmas range and an opportunity to handle some very special diamonds.

On arrival, guests were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine, a tray of nibbles and a huge array of gorgeous pearl strings to peruse, before being entertained and educated by owner and local personality, Dominic Sakakini. Representatives from Ping Ping (pearl merchants) had brought along a staggering selection of different pearls (not normally available for retail) for the guests to enjoy before being whisked around the globe from Russia, to India, China and South Africa, via a fascinating explanation of the diamond markets of the world, by Dominic.

Guests were then invited to join Dominic at the back of the shop, as he handed round diamonds for them to examine, then were offered the chance to buy a £60,000 (retail price) diamond for just £22,000. Dominic has gained a reputation in the region for selling diamonds, at wholesale rather than retail prices, and for his passionate belief that, with returns of up to 30% a year, diamonds are one of the best forms of investment.

The evening didn’t stop there, as Dominic went on to explain how he can customise new and existing pieces of jewellery (so that clients get the chance to love, wear and enjoy their investment) and guests handled, admired and learnt about the different diamonds and pearls. 

Sakakini Jewellers hosts quarterly events at different venues and also runs The Sakakini Diamond Club, which offers all members the chance to buy diamonds and jewellery at wholesale prices, take advantage of some fantastic investment opportunities, as well as enjoy invitations to some of the Sakakini Jeweller’s exclusive events. The next event will be held at Denbies on February 4, 2016.

For more information about diamonds, jewellery, or the Sakakini Diamond club, contact Dominic at or visit

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