Local churches come together to celebrate Christmas

Horsham rang out with the sounds of Christmas when churches came together to stage a festive event.

The spirit and sights of the season were also highlighted in an entertaining programme brought to together by groups in the Churches Together organisation.

Choirs sang carols, bands played and people joined in a carol service in an event that provided a good time for people of all ages and also reflected the religious element of the Christmas celebration.

To cap off the successful occasion  the sky was lit by a display by Aurora Fireworks, based at Wisborough Green, who were carrying out the duties for the their second year, having provided displays at other local events during the year.

Churches Together has more 30 churches from Horsham and the local area, and they pooled their resources together to organise the annual event, which included stalls manned by volunteers from local groups.

This year the event had the benefit temperature-wise of one of the mildest Decembers on record.

The District Post features some of the seasonal sights from the celebration for readers to enjoy.

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