The Great Horsham Elephant Sell Off

Horsham’s Elephantastic Project created 187 beautiful elephants which are now to be sold in 135 lots on Saturday November 21 in Horsham Town. Red ones, funky ones, spotty ones and some as hairy as your head are all raising money for one of 65 charities or local good causes and all are owned by local organisations. Giant ones like Horsham Sainsburys & Horsham RSA ; large ones like Wakefields Jewellers and Wabi; to local specialists like Lucibelle’s Tiaras and Karen’s Beauty Room all have one thing in common  they are all great community supporters.  As indeed are The Rotary Club of Horsham which has been helping Horsham folk since 1923 and whose members originated and managed the amazing Elephantastic project this summer, together with Horsham-based international wildlife charity The Born Free Foundation and Billingshurst’s creative marketing company, PMW.  Altogether 250 organisations were involved including many local schools that helped decorate the elephants together with a myriad of fantastic local artistic talent both young and old, and some internationally famed artists such as Pollyanna Pickering and Sherree Valentine Daines. Some of the elephant herd have also been signed by the famous including Julie Walters, Peter Andre, Harlequins Rugby Team and Marcus Butler & Niomi Smart. 

Now as Christmas approaches it is time to find good homes for all of the elephants. Sadly, there is not enough for everyone who wants one so there will be a sale/auction of them on Saturday November 21 in St. John’s Church Hall from 10am – 4pm, including a physical auction of some of the more valuable ones in the afternoon with very special guest Brian Blessed acting as auctioneer for some lots. Currently there is an online auction ( for all of the elephants and over one hundred of them currently have bids. The online bidding will cease at 10pm on Wednesday November 18 and the final online bid per elephant will be carried over to the sale and auction on November 21. Full details of the sale and auction plans will be published by Horsham Rotary in the next two weeks.

Over the coming week the elephants will be herded up and displayed in the ex-‘Cloth Shop’ in the Carfax in order that you can choose your favourites and make your bids online or on November 21.

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