Shopwatch stretching across district

A shop scheme to beat criminals is to be widened across Horsham District.

Officers from the Horsham Neighbourhood Policing Team have been working alongside Horsham District Council and the local Community Safety Partnership to redesign the town’s ‘Shopwatch’ scheme.

The re-launch has seen local town officers signing up more than 200 local shops and they are now developing the scheme to cover other stores within the whole of the district.

A new town radio scheme is also in place for both the Shopwatch and Pubwatch schemes.

PC James Munden said: “It is a really good system for members to speak with each other so that they can pass on warnings of any suspicious people that they have seen in town or if they have seen anyone on the shopwatch list. This will help to spread the word around the town of any suspicious people.”

“We are really pleased that the new radio scheme is also up and running but we need more members and are keen to encourage current members to make more use of their radios.”

The Shopwatch area of the website has a secure section which is only accessible to scheme members and includes pictures of current known offenders. Members can view this and then choose whether to ban those people from their store or just be aware that they have previously offended.

PC Munden said: “Shopwatch improves information sharing between police and retail staff, allowing thieves and persistent trouble-makers to be more quickly identified and dealt with.”

The website also has a section for Pubwatch scheme members to log in where they can view a list of banned people.

The new Community Safety Partnership website also has useful areas for members of the public to view, including safer season’s advice and information about the local partnership’s priorities. The website has been designed so that it is now viewable on smart phones.

Further information can be obtained from Horsham Neighbourhood Policing Team town officers by emailing

Shopwatch and Pubwatch information along with other useful advice can be found at:

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