Prize-winning display from former pupil Lucy

Former pupil Lucy Parsons returned to Farlington School to present certificates and prizes at the annual GCSE and A Level Certificate Presentation and Prize-Giving Evening.

Lucy delighted the invited guests with her witty, well-observed and very timely speech. She said ‘I was initially honoured. What a wonderful opportunity to pass on some ‘words of wisdom’. This honour was swiftly replaced with the crippling thought ‘well, why the heck are they asking me?!’

Neither Lucy nor the audience need have worried as she spoke both eloquently and with passion about her career at school and beyond. Lucy left Farlington in 2006 and went on to study Sociology at University. After graduation she was unsure which career to pursue, but knew one thing for certain – she wanted her own business.

After a couple of different marketing and events roles,  sourced through social media and contacts and providing invaluable experience, Lucy decided to take the plunge and go solo.  She now runs her own up-and-coming Creative Marketing Co. and works with brands including Rolls-Royce plc.

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