Local bobby not so local

Horsham police officers will be working in other areas after the formation of a policing “hub” taking in a wider area.

Under new arrangements officers will no longer work just within their usual district boundary, but might be sent to incidents in places outside of Horsham such as Worthing.

The changes began under what is known as the new ‘Local Policing Model’.

Sussex Police Horsham District Commander Chief Inspector Howard Hodges said in a report: “Officers from Adur and Worthing district will be joining with those from Horsham district to take responsibility for a wider policing area; moving to a model known as a policing hub.

“Officers will continue to work from their relevant locations but in order to asses where the greatest need is across both areas they can now be deployed further afield.

“We have begun our merger process this month with consultation through joint meetings to determine what our intelligence led priorities should be and where our resources should go.

“We have already carried out joint activities such as executing drugs warrants with positive results. A date has yet to be agreed for this formal transition.”

The hub contrasts sharply with the 1950s-style image of the local ‘bobby on the beat’, which was long ago overtaken by technology and changes in the way police work.

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