Lines & James complete the Chestnut China Challenge

After a truly amazing adventure, Directors of Lines & James Lettings Agent, Pat James & Abie Sweatman, have safely returned from the Chestnut China Challenge. The pair were amongst a group of 50 people who embarked on the 8 day trip, which saw them spend 5 consecutive days trekking parts of the Great Wall of China, to raise money for Chestnut Tree House – the incredible children’s hospice based in Arundel.

The mother and daughter duo found the trekking itself surprisingly enjoyable, however, with endless undulations and temperatures hitting 25 degrees, it was certainly challenging.  When asked about the intenseness of the trek, Abie said: “The daily updates we received from Chestnut Tree House, with news on the children in their care, really spurred us on and brought meaning to the words on our T-shirts, ‘Making Every Step Count”.

Chestnut Tree House is the only Children’s Hospice, in Sussex, caring for children with life limiting illnesses and providing much needed support to their parents. Currently, the hospice cares for over 300 children, which costs in excess of £6000 a day.  There are many more children that the hospice would love to reach, but with less than 8% of funding from the government, this marvellous charity relies heavily on donations and support from local people and businesses.

Pat & Abie are delighted that they exceeded their fundraising target of £6000 and would like to thank everyone who has supported them. When the trekkers left for China, the aim was to raise enough money between the group to cover the running costs of the hospice for the duration of the 8 day trip.  The group didn’t just manage this; Collectively in total, they have raised a massive £93,000 which has given each member a greater sense of achievement and happiness.

Now back in the routine of their busy lettings office, life feels a little flat in more ways than one; however, the memories made will last a lifetime and hopefully mean more families are able to make their own memories at Chestnut Tree House.

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