Gatwick film released in Slinfold

Residents campaigning to stop a second runway at Gatwick Airport released a film at the weekend to back up their case.

The opponents say they are fed up with Gatwick’s efforts to lobby MPs and local councils, whilst ignoring community concerns.

They released a film on Sunday at the Red Lyon public house in Slinfold, an area which they say is badly affected by changes to flight paths, to highlight the plight of local people.

 Earlier this year the Airports Commission released its finding into airport expansion, and recommended that expansion should take place at Heathrow Airport.

 Before a final decision is taken, Gatwick Airport management has continued its fight for expansion, to the annoyance of the Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions 

The film, called ‘What does a new runway at Gatwick mean to you?’ can be seen at

The group says aim of the film is to highlight residents and local businesses concerns, to let them have a say about how a second runway would affect them in Sussex, Surrey and Kent as it is not just about a runway but so much more.

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