Cassie loses five stone and conquers a mountain

Mum Cassie Haswell transformed herself from lifeless to walking up Kilimanjaro mountain after losing five stone in weight.

She started slimming after a day at work when she walked in and overheard unkind men laughing at her weight and saying they used to like her adding the jibe ‘but now look at it.’

Cassie, from Horsham, had fast become inactive and had lost all confidence. She tried not to go out  without her husband and never wanted to get up and get moving.  She says over-hearing the cruel comments was the final straw.

Cassie jumped from size 10 to almost size 20, but more seriously she knew that if her life style of fast food and high sugar continued her health would suffer greatly.

After going on a controlled but manageable diet under supervision she lost all her excess weight. Cassie now teaches others how to tackle their weight problems.

Helped by gym classes, she has tackled half marathons, mud runs, and Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

Cassie said: “When I joined Weight Watchers I wouldn’t run for a bus. I had no confidence in myself. Now that I have lost this weight I have energy and a great sense of fun within me that was missing.”

Carrie first started her quest to lose weight 12 years ago, and has maintained the loss, going on to lead Weight Watcher sessions and win awards.

Cassie runs two current meetings in Horsham on Mondays at 9.30am in Salvation Army Hall Booth Way Horsham Tuesday 9.30am at the Cricket club, Cricket Lane. She will start a new meeting on December 10 Horsham Cricket Club at 5.30 pm.

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