Aunt seeks to raise funds for nephew’s new prosthetic leg

A Horsham Aunt, in a quest to help raise funds for her nephew, will tomorrow, be fundraising at Tesco Broadbridge Heath.

Gemma Lee, together with a band of volunteers, will be offering to help pack customers’ shopping, in return for small donations to Billy’s fund.

Billy Lee, who now lives in Cambridgeshire, was diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer, in November 2014. His only chance of surviving was to have an immediate full leg and half hip amputation. Without help, he would spend the rest of his life on crutches or in a wheelchair, as the NHS is unable to fund a prosthetic limb for an amputation of this kind.

After extensive research, a prosthetic limb and a UK clinic, that are able to give Billy his life back, were found. The ‘Helix 3D’ leg and hip prosthetic will be an initial cost of £78,000, with 5 yearly servicing and part replacements, costing £18,500.

Mrs Lee, of Broadbridge Heath, comments: “Since Billy is the sole beneficiary of the ‘Billy’s back on his own 2 feet Fund’, this renders the fund as ineligible for charitable status. This, in turn, means that charity giving websites, such as JustGiving, can not be used. However, donations can be made online at GoFundMe” adding, “Please come along and show your support. Any donation, no matter how small, is very gratefully received!

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