Atlas Mobility Love Making Lives Easier!

Neil and Stephanie at Horsham’s Atlas Mobility shop specialise in demonstrating and supplying a huge range of diverse products giving customers the confidence and independence to continue enjoying life as fully as possible after a set back. Scooters, mobility and bathing aids, Cosyfeet shoes, walking sticks and frames, wheelchairs, strain reducing power-packs, riser recliner chairs – upholstered in a wide choice of fabrics – absorbency products and stair-lifts are among the many items supplied. But that is only half the story; a significant part of the service is providing aids to assist with sporting injuries and help people seeking to recover post surgery. Stephanie says: “Embarking on a new lifestyle because of a change in mobility need not compromise independence and the quality of life. We try to lighten up the darker moments in people’s lives, making the experience as easy as possible.”

Witnessing Neil helping a customer interested in a mobility scooter,  demonstrated with kindly patience confirmed his priceless ability to handle sensitive personal issues sympathetically, Neil saying: “When everything goes smoothly and the customer feels comfortable then Steph and I love that – it gives us a big lift, making what we do really worthwhile!” Stephanie adds: “Unlike the internet we don’t just want to sell a product and then move straight on to the next customer – we pride ourselves in giving a complete personal service, including delivery, servicing and repair to keep people going

There are regular customers from a wide catchment area and Atlas Mobility  are happy to accept referrals from hospital physiotherapy units and care homes to help with a variety of improvement aids and supports. Customers can be assisted with specialised cutlery, dressing sticks, plug tugs and other simple devices to make life easier. From feedback received it is clear that the caring, encouraging approach is greatly appreciated, one recent customer saying: “You dealt with my potentially disruptive mother better than most healthcare professionals, instilling confidence and knowledge, convincing me that I’d purchased the correct wheelchair.”

Expert advice is offered with tact and diplomacy, defusing natural concerns while involving affected parties in the decision making process, Stephanie summing up with: “Our aim is to match what we provide to the capability and personality of the customer and we get a real glow when someone leaves smiling and happy with what we’ve supplied.”  Atlas Mobility really does provide a uniquely caring, life enhancing service!

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