Diamonds, wine and some astonishing statistics for a summer’s evening

There was a definite sparkle in the Horsham Carfax last Thursday, as Sakakini Jewellers held their latest Diamond Club event in the evening sunshine. And with sparkling wine and nibbles provided by Costello’s and a beautiful selection of Italian silver jewellery to browse over, the event had a distinctively Italian flair.

Thirty or more guests mingled with precious stones and glasses of wine and owner, Dominic Sakakini gave another fascinating insight into the world of diamonds. He explained the phenomenal growth in the value of diamonds of 15% per year over the last 50 years and how that makes diamonds a very powerful investment when compared to more conventional ISA type investment schemes. With huge potential for growth over a period of just a few years, Dominic explained that far from being a girl’s best friend, diamonds are now an increasingly lucrative and flexible option for the wile investor.

Dominic also went on to demonstrate the significance of the different colours, qualities and cuts of diamonds before inviting guests to make themselves at home in the seating area.

The enthralled audience then passed round many different gems, including one particularly stunning 1.92 carat example (classified as having D1 colour (the best) and SI1 clarity), which although should retail for £33,172 and be sold wholesale for £16,856, Sakakini was offering to club members at the astonishing price of £10,680 (plus VAT). And as guests touched and felt the different cuts and stones, Dominic’s passion for making his gems and his ability to make them accessible to his club members simply shone through.

Award winning Sakakini Jewellers were recently named retailer of the year at the Business Matters awards and last week’s event is part of the Sakakini Diamond Club, which hosts quarterly events. The Club aims to educate and inform, whilst remaining fun and light hearted. And most importantly the club allows members the opportunity to buy diamonds at wholesale prices, with expert and very personal advice, guidance and assistance from Dominic himself.

Caroline Whittaker, a Diamond Club member summed up the evening: “Dominic is an infectious host, who guarantees a lot of laughs, plus a good insight into the world of diamonds. The jewellery he had for sale at wholesale prices was absolutely beautiful. We were spoilt for choice on the variety of individual designs to choose from. A good night was had by all!”

The next Diamond Club event will be held at Wabi’s, in Horsham, on the September 24, and will include a demonstration on how to prepare Japanese food, as well as more information about the fascinating history and world of diamonds. For more information about diamonds, jewellery, diamonds as an investment or the next event contact Dominic at, or visit and

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