Crowds get a taste of the Great Napoleon Army

Shoppers got a taste of the once formidable Napoleon army in Horsham town centre on Saturday.

They took a break from trudging around stores bargain hunting to admire the outfits and the disciplined drill of the 45e Regimente Infanterie de Ligne, a French Napoleonic re-enactment group of English enthusiasts.

The Napoleonic Army once conquered vast swathes of Europe. But this time it was all a friendly invasion as the meticulously prepared group performed drill instruction in the Market Square and gave other demonstrations in the yard of the Museum and Art Gallery.

There is more of the French flavour on Sunday when the popular French and Vintage Fayre Markets visit.

In addition, Horsham Museum is currently holding a special exhibition to mark the Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, called Waterloo 100 Days. The colourful exhibition tells the fascinating story of the background to the remarkable battle whilst also relating some of the local stories

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