The Company crowned coffee kings 4 years in a row

The annual Cafe Italia has finished and this year’s winner is once again The Company who have won for the fourth year running.

Once more The Company will display the coveted bean trophy for another year.

The people of Horsham had the opportunity to vote for Horsham’s best cup of coffee in a number of it’s coffee shops. Votes were counted here at The District Post offices and The Company came in first with Crates Local and Artisan close behind.

General Manager Paola Di Lena said: “I think it’s a combination of great coffee, friendly staff and the atmosphere here. We weren’t going to enter this year, but it’s so much good fun we changed.”

Though The Company’s primary business is as a hairdresser the cafe downstairs is extremely popular with local coffee connoisseurs.

Paola said: “For the first two years we won, we actually served a different brand of coffee. So I think it’s down to our baristas and the atmosphere here.”

Paola’s brother Vince established The Company as a hairdresser’s 10 years ago and opened the coffee shop 5 years ago, and since then they have watched the business grow in the town.

In response to how they feel about next year’s competition, Paola said: “I like odd numbers, so hopefully we can win again next year. It’s great for the town to have this competition and Horsham is very lucky to have a number of great coffee shops and boutiques.”

The Company is located on Middle Street, Horsham, and is open Monday to Saturday from 9am.

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