Deep blue chip shop blaze

A popular fish and chip shop located down Collets Alley in the Carfax, Horsham caught fire at around 1pm on Friday, April 3, during the town’s popular Piazza Italia festival.

The deep fat fryer and extractor unit in the kitchen of Deep Blue Fish and Chips caught fire requiring crews from Horsham, Crawley and Billingshurst to attend the scene.

Rescue workers had difficulty attending the scene and brining in equipment due to the street being closed and blocked by sports cars brought in for the annual Italian themed event.

No injuries were reported and none of the nearby sports cars were damaged.

Repair work is currently underway and a statement on the Deep Blue Fish and Chip Shop website states the shop is expected to be closed for a week following the incident.

The building was quickly evacuated and a cordon was set up around the alley shortly after the incident at around 1.40pm.

One comment on “Deep blue chip shop blaze

  1. So just days after a senior fire officer claims ‘the service will not be downgraded in any way’, here is the first example. Instead of two fire engines quickly arriving from Horsham, at this potentially serious fire, only one is now available in Horsham. The second has to come from Crawley and takes considerably longer.

    When assistance is required, yet another has to come from Crawley, which now has no third fire engine left to cover the town, plus one from Billingshurst. It is clear that West Sussex County Council set out to hoodwink the public in to believing the cuts would cause no harm. This was in spite of them knowing that their research predicted extra deaths and property damage.

    Since the start of last year’s ‘consultation’, that most people were unaware of, Conservative County Councillors have relied on half-truths, misdirection, and dishonesty to persuade people the cuts will make no difference. County Councillors, who are not in the Conservative party, have tried to stop these dangerous cuts. One Conservative Councillor even resigned from the party as a result of his colleagues’ shameful behaviour.

    Hundreds of serving and retired firefighters have warned of the dangers, many Town and Parish Councils, and thousands of ordinary people have protested. The Conservative County Council, however, believe that political dogma is more important than the lives of West Susses residents and visitors.

    These cuts must be reversed, so please sign the “Stop fire engine and firefighter cuts in West Sussex” epetition on the WSCC Epetitions website.

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