Bringing the herds to Horsham for an ‘Elephantastic’ spectacular

Horsham Rotary Club is inviting local businesses to adopt and decorate a model elephant as part of its new campaign which will help raise vital funds for a variety of local charities including Horsham-based Born Free Foundation’s new appeal to fund and build Europe’s first elephant sanctuary in Tuscany.

The event will also promote Horsham Town and the surrounding area throughout the summer holidays, as well as the local art scene and its fantastic artistic talent.

Working with Horsham District Council and local trader’s organisation, Horsham Unlimited, the Rotary Club are set to supply 150 plain elephant sculptures, which go on sale this week at prices ranging from £75 to £200 depending on size, to businesses and other organisations within a ten mile radius of Horsham town centre.

Similar to Horsham’s giraffe initiative in 2013, once sponsors and associated charities have put their own creative stamp on the elephants, they will form a colourful art trail in and around the town centre for local residents and Horsham visitors to follow.

Each sponsoring organisation can add their own unique non-branded design to the model elephants and display them in shop fronts, business foyers, shopping malls or other publicly accessible locations for the Elephant Safari trails which take place from July 25, until August 31, 2015, one in the town centre and the other within the nearby countryside.

The unique model elephants are to be auctioned following the event and proceeds from the event will be divided across all participating charities as well as international wildlife organisation, the Born Free Foundation which was established over 30 years ago by local actress Virginia McKenna OBE.

Horsham Rotary Club’s John Le Rossignol said: “We’re really excited to be bringing fantastic art and family fun to the town through Horsham’s Elephantastic Safari trails. The giraffe trail in 2013 created a great sense of community spirit and attracted well over 12,000 people. With far bigger trails planned for this year, we can only imagine its popularity and success from which many important charities are set to benefit.”

The elephants can be decorated by sponsoring organisation and charities in-house or outsourced to local artists or schools and community groups.

For more details about how to purchase an elephant or information regarding the elephant safari trails and charities, please email:

Charities operating in the Horsham area who wish to participate in the event, and artists who are prepared to use their talents to paint an elephant should also register with Horsham Rotary Club before the end of April.

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